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Counselling Help for Eating and Weight

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Counselling Help for Eating and Weight

Over many years as a therapist in the NHS, I have met people who are unwell, unhappy and fearful. Often what was described initially  as depression or anxiety turned out to be problems with eating, food and/or body image. I have treated people with eating disorders for a long time but not all eating issues fall into that category.


Counselling Help for Eating and Weight is designed to  alleviate ALL eating and weight related issues, from eating disorders to  yoyo dieting. 


Psychotherapeutic  approaches are utilised to identify causes and target the behaviours and thinking that perpetuate problems and prevent recovery.   Evidenced based treatments from the fields of addictions, eating disorders, psycho-education, cognitive/behavioural therapies and others are integrated as necessary to  provide a highly individualised therapy experience .  


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  • constant dieting

  • yoyo dieting

  • eating too much or not enough

  • fixation on "ideal" weight

  • persistent thoughts about food, weight, body etc

  • avoiding so called "bad" foods

  • sugar or junk food cravings

  • compulsive (out of control) eating

  • not eating out

  • anorexia

  • binge eating and binge eating disorder (B.E.D)

  • confusion around eating "normally"

  • orthorexia (obsession with "clean" eating)

  • purging and bulimia

  • menopause related changes in eating and weight

  • weight  bias and discrimination 

  • BMI

  • over-exercising

  • fear of exercising

  • obsessive calorie counting

  • weighing too often

  • fear of weighing

  • constant worry about what to put on your plate

  • menu planning and shopping for food

  • drinking alcohol instead of eating

  • hangover binges

  • body shame

This list is only a sample of the kinds of eating issues that can impair quality of life.  Whatever your  problems are, we will work together to find and implement long term solutions.

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Initial assessments take approximately 90 mins. All subsequent appointments are one hour and are usually weekly, with the exception of severe eating disorders which require twice weekly sessions for around 4 weeks before moving to weekly. For most food and eating issues, sessions are held once a week, moving to fortnightly, then monthly over the course of therapy. All sessions (including initial assessments) are £60.

MPORTANT If you would like to call/text/email/message for an informal chat and/or ask questions before booking an assessment, I am very happy to talk things through and provide more information.


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