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Sample Formulation




Long term difficulty achieving/maintaining satisfactory bodyweight.


Origin of problem:

Fragmented sense of self (childhood trauma, bullied at school, low self-esteem, low - confidence, negative self-talk).


Coping mechanisms (can make you feel better but usually this only lasts for a short while):

Mood altering eating behaviours: non-mindful eating, compulsively seeking quick-reward foods, emotional/comfort eating .


Negative physical consequences of coping mechanisms:

Weight gain, lethargy.


Psychological affects:

Feelings of failure, self-recrimination, anxiety, low mood, panic; desperation to lose weight.


Subsequent behaviours:

Rigid diet and exercise regimes, silver-bullets, latest trends, etc.


Physical and psychological affects of above behaviours:

Hunger, anger, frustration, rebellion, low mood, anxiety, etc.

Leading to......................

Fragmented sense of self (again) and the subsequent coping mechanisms: 

Mood altering eating behaviours: non-mindful eating; compulsively seeking quick-reward foods; emotional/comfort eating>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> and so on, and so on, and so on.......

Counselling Help for Eating and Weight aims to stop this vicious cycle.


Using a combination of  interventions, we will address the origins of your eating and weight problems and the coping mechanisms that lead to weight gain.


The ultimate goal is to restore or create a stronger sense of who you are and what you want in relation to food, body, eating and health.   

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